George Soros Funded Group Says $15 Per Hour Is Not Enough, Try $43!


Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.

The Fight for $15 movement has constantly heralded the call that by raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour individuals would be able to “make a living”. They believe that somehow the number 15 is magic and that all of their life’s worries will instantly melt away. When in reality all it will do is hasten their trip to the unemployment line by driving businesses out of business, or encouraging their employer to replace them with computer automation.

But it seems that a certain Progressive billionaire isn’t terribly concerned about driving up the unemployment numbers. As a matter of fact,
one of his organizations has come up with a way to speed up the process.


Alliance for a Just Society, an organization funded by Progressive billionaire George Soros through his Open Society Foundation, has released a report titled Pay Up: Long Hours And Low Pay Leaves Workers At A Loss stating that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour won’t be enough. According to the Communist Party USA news, People’s World, the report calls for raising the minimum wage as high as $43 an hour in at least one state in order to provide workers with a “living wage”:

“Low-wage workers nationwide have been campaigning for a $15 hourly “living wage” and the right to organize without employer labor law-breaking. But a new think tank report says that in most states, $15 is not enough – even for one person.

As a matter of fact, adds the report,Pay Up: Long Hours And Low Pay Leaves Workers At A Loss, the national average hourly living wage for a single person should be $16.87, at least as of the end of last year. In D.C., Hawaii and Maryland, it should be over $20.

For families, the situation is even worse. In Massachusetts, for example, a single mother with two kids would need to earn $43.30 an hour to achieve a living wage.

The Alliance for a Just Society has issued such wage reports since 1999, but this is its first to discuss living wages. The issue is important: A living wage – or lack of it – is a key factor in income inequality, the yawning gap between the rich and the rest of us, nationwide.”

If it’s $15, $20 or even $43 dollars an hour really doesn’t matter because it all ends in more unemployed Americans. But considering George Soros believes that the worse a situation becomes the less it takes it to turn around, the bigger the upside, more Americans in the unemployment line is most likely exactly what he wants. So that he can more easily proceed with the fundamental transformation of this once great, and free, nation by picking up the pieces resulting from this suicidal economic minimum wage plan and reassembling them to reflect a more collective, and Progressive, society.

Give George Soros an inch….and he’ll happy destroy your country..and your freedom, while he’s at it.


(Image: Washington Times)

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