Four Muslim Men in Rhode Island Arrested for ALLEGED GANG RAPE

islamic gang rape

Do you think things like this only take place in countries like Syria and Iraq? This happened in the state of Rhode Island.

Right Wing News reports:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Four male Johnson & Wales University students have been arrested in connection with a reported sexual assault and alleged drugging of two female students at the university.

The police have charged Mohammed Alsaqer, a 20-year-old sophomore, and Yazeed Alasiri, a 23-year-old senior, both from Saudi Arabia, with assaulting the women at the young men’s residence in Pawtucket after meeting the women at a nightclub in Providence on Thursday night.

Late Tuesday night, Pawtucket police charged two more Johnson & Wales students — Mohammed Aljohani, 20, and Tareq Alharbi, 22 — with first-degree sexual assault.

Will American feminists speak out about this?


Image: (Right Wing News)

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