FLY THE FASCIST SKIES: Mark Steyn’s Website ‘Blacklisted’ by United Airlines WiFi

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Canadian conservative author Mark Steyn discovered Friday that his website, is on a United Airlines blacklist that blocks accessing the site while passengers use the airline’s in-flight WiFi system. Steyn learned this by being a passenger on United.

Steyn posted to Twitter about his being blacklisted along with a screen grab:

“Hey, @united . I’m on your plane right now using your WiFi, which bans my website: Why? “

A closer look at the URL of the screen grab shows that the word ‘blacklist’ is part of the United WiFi re-direct page Steyn got when trying to access his site along with the message, “This site cannot be viewed on United Wi-Fi…”

Steyn posted about the ban with his usual rapier wit including the hashtag skewering of United’s ‘Fly the Friendly Skies’ motto, ‘#FlyThe FascistSkies’ and ‘#FlytheBlacklistSkies’:

[email protected] @united It’s not often you find a blacklist that’s actually called a “blacklist”,so at least United is upfront in its Canuckophobia”

[email protected] @Ohmaar1 @WayneUtley @united Yeah, 3,300 bucks for no meal, a lousy bag of chips, a filthy seat and a censored Internet”

Steyn responded to a poster who posted a photo showing was not blacklisted by United competitor American.

[email protected] Hey, thanks for the tip! I’m taking my biz to free-speech @AmericanAir not thought-control @united #FlyTheFascistSkies”

[email protected] Free book+CD for first person to come up with the @united “site-blacklist” #FlyTheBlacklistSkies”

As of this posting, United had not responded to Steyn.

To make matters worse for United, American Airlines tweeted an invitation to Steyn welcoming him to fly American.

“@MarkSteynOnline We’ll be happy to welcome you with open wings whenever you’re ready.”

[email protected] Hey, guys. I’m on an actual United flight right now, but @AmericanAir is providing better customer service “

Steyn added he wants a refund for the in-flight WiFi.

[email protected] @united I want my 12 bucks for WiFi back”

[email protected] At 35,000 feet all I can hear are United Customer Service Crickets chirping @AmericanAir”

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