RAW FOOTAGE=> 15 Year-Old Muslim Boy Attends Mosque Then Shoots Police Employee in the Back of the Head

A fifteen year-old Muslim boy of Iraqi-Kurdish background went to mosque on Friday then shot a police employee in the back of the head.


Witnesses said the boy “looked joyous” and was screaming, “Allahu Akbar!”
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The attack was a suicide mission.

Curtis Cheng was killed when he was shot in the back of the head by a Muslim teen.
curtis cheng
Curtis Cheng (left), pictured with his family, died on Friday afternoon. (Photo: SMH)

Sydney Morning Herald reported:

The fatal shooting of a police employee outside the force’s headquarters by a 15-year-old boy was a politically motivated attack linked to terrorism, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says.

Mr Scipione said early indications are the boy, who lived in the Parramatta region was acting alone when he shot dead finance worker Curtis Cheng outside police headquarters in Parramatta at 4:30pm on Friday.

Mr Cheng, a father-of-two who had worked for the NSW Police for 17 years, was shot once, at close range in the back of the head. The boy then continued to fire his handgun before he was shot dead by one of three special constables who responded to the shooting.

Mr Scipione said that police had no warning of the attack and that the 15-year-old, of Iraqi-Kurdish background and born in Iran, had not been on the police’s radar and had no criminal history.

He said police were a “long way from establishing a full picture” of the boy but said information was he had visited a local mosque prior to carrying out the attack.

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