Feminist Moonbat Lena Dunham Will Dress as ABORTIONIST FOR HALLOWEEN

Lena Dunham vote

Liberal actress Lena Dunham has announced that she’s going to dress up as a Planned Parenthood abortionist for Halloween this year. She has so much class, doesn’t she?

The Federalist reported:

Lena Dunham Plans To Dress Up As A Planned Parenthood Abortionist For Halloween

Lena Dunham has revealed what she will be dressing up as a Planned Parenthood abortionist this Halloween.

In her e-mail newsletter, Lenny Letter, Dunham explained today what it takes to have a winning Halloween costume and why dressing up as an employee of the nation’s largest abortion provider is a great idea.

Lena Dunham Haloween
Image via The Federalist.


For the left, everything is political.

Even Halloween.

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