Feminist Comedian Wants To PERSONALLY PAP SMEAR Carly Fiorina

kathy griffin

Notorious liberal comedian and failed ‘Fashion Police’ host Kathy Griffin said she wants to help out Carly Fiorina and the rest of the GOP presidential field, but not with fundraising money.

For the interview, Playbill discussed with Griffin her “plan to demonstrate the importance” of Planned Parenthood – a topic which “required no prompting to discuss.” “I would love to give every single one of the Republicans running right now, including Carly [Fiorina] a Pap smear,” Griffin told Playbill. “I will personally do it,” she added.

A Planned Parenthood patient herself, Griffin bashed critics of the abortion giant.

“If it wasn’t for Planned Parenthood, I wouldn’t get my Pap smears,” she said. “If I felt a lump, and I’ve had two lumps removed from my breast… I don’t think the average American dumbass understands that Planned Parenthood is where women go for health care.”

Just to put this in perspective, Griffin is also infamous for simulating oral sex on Anderson Cooper live on CNN during New Years Eve, getting on her knees and putting her face up to Cooper’s crotch.

As you can tell, she’s really classy.


Image: (Bravo TV)

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