Families Of Victims Killed by Illegal Immigrants DEMAND ANSWERS FROM GOVERNMENT

immigrant crime families

The families of those who have been killed by immigrants who were not even supposed to be in this country stormed the United States Capitol today.

Breitbart reports:

WASHINGTON — Families of Americans murdered by illegal aliens are in Washington, D.C. demanding the political class put a stop to the alien invasion that took the lives of their beloved family members.

Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son Sgt. Brandon Mendoza on May 12, 2014, when illegal alien Raul Silva Corona, high on meth and blackout drunk, struck him while driving on the wrong side of the highway, killing them both. Corona had lived in the U.S. illegally for decades with a serious criminal record.


“I didn’t know what a widespread problem this was. A lot of people ask me, ‘How can you do this?’ How can you get on TV and how can you talk about what happened to your son?’ I look at it this way: I was blessed because God chose me to have this incredible man and raise him into the man that he was. He had so much left to do in his life,” Mendoza said, recounting how her son “recreated” a neighborhood formerly plagued by drug dealers and the homeless, making it safe to open a park, allow kids to play together, and let American families have picnics.

What will it take for these families to get justice?


Image: (Breitbart)

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