EXCLUSIVE VIDEO=> Hillary Meets With Radical #BlackLivesMatter Riot Leaders – Says She Can’t Forgive Killer Cops

Hillary Clinton had the worst week of her 2016 campaign last week.

From losing a full 10 points in the polls to reports of temper tantrums behind the scenes, last week has been dubbed Hillary Hell.

What hasn’t been reported (until now) is that Hillary met privately on Friday with professional race activists Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie.
hillary blm

As reported previously by The Gateway Pundit McKesson and Elzie (ShordeeDooWhop)  were the lead agitators at the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

 The two Soros-sponsored leftists leave a wake of destruction behind them: hundreds of businesses looted and burned to the ground – hundreds of arrests – the destruction of minority neighborhoods.

The left rewarded Deray for his leadership efforts with a teaching gig as a Yale professor.

Last week Deray taught the Yale students on the importance of looting and hating whitey.
Shordee was there to live tweet from the class.

neta tweets

With all that being public knowledge Hillary Clinton still felt it necessary to kiss the rings of these hucksters. She met with Netta and Deray privately on Friday morning.

This meeting was not announced or publicized by her campaign.

However, McKesson must not have gotten the memo to keep the meeting private because he proceeded to broadcast the tail end of the meeting on the live streaming app Periscope.

In the video obtained by The Gateway Pundit via McKesson’s Periscope account, Hillary is not aware she’s being filmed until Deray informs her midway through the video.

She can be seen thanking the various “activists.”

She told one woman:

“You’re a better person than me wanting to love folks who killed somebody. I just can’t do that.”

She was apparently referencing Officer Darren Wilson who was cleared in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Hillary looks less than excited to find out that Deray is broadcasting the meeting but tries to play it off with that patented Hillary cackle. Calling him the “Social Media Emperor”

She goes on to sing the praises of and shake hands with looting advocate Johnetta Elzie.

Watch It Here:

While the the subjects discussed are not clear, the meeting itself and the appreciation she shows for these advocates of violence are an indication that a Hillary Presidency would be no different from Obama when it comes to the solving the issue of race relations in America. Those who cause and make excuses for rioting and violence will be catered to and lifted up as legitimate leaders.

Perhaps Hilary’s new campaign slogan should be “Burn Baby Burn!”

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