Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Refuses Service to Police Officer: “We Don’t Serve Cops Here” (Video)

On Saturday an employee at the Dunkin’ Donuts in West Hartford told a West Hartford police officer waiting in line, “We don’t serve cops here.”

The police officer immediately left the store.

The store owner overheard the remark and chased down the police officer in the parking lot and offered him a free cup of coffee.
FOX and Friends reported:


Dunkin Donuts later released a statement:

“We are aware, Dunkin’ Donuts & our franchisees share a commitment to the well-being & fair treatment of all of guests. The crew member exhibited poor judgement & the franchisee has apologized to the police officer on behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts.”

Connecticut police posted this tweet this weekend in support of the chain.

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