Donald Trump: We’re Going to Build a Wall and Mexico Is Going to Pay for the Wall (VIDEO)

Donald Trump held a New Hampshire town hall this morning live on The Today Show.
trump today town hall

The Republican front runner once again promised to build a border wall with Mexico and have Mexico pay for it.

The first thing Trump will do is build a wall.
The Blaze reported:


When pressed by a potential voter pressed to outline his “specific action plan” to address illegal immigration, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded by first attacking his GOP opponents.

“You’re going to vote for me,” Trump immediately responded during a “Today” show town hall on Monday. “If you look at [Ben] Carson, he’s very weak on immigration. If you look at [Jeb] Bush, he says they are coming for love. If you look at [Marco] Rubio, he was a member of the Gang of Eight….They’re all weak on immigration. I’m the only one that’s really, really strong.”

Trump then got into his immigration plan, saying the first thing he will do a build a “wall.”

“And by the way, Mexico is paying for the wall,” he added. “It’s easy. We are losing $45 billion a year in terms of our imbalance with Mexico. Mexico is paying for the wall.”

When “Today” host Matt Lauer pushed Trump to get “specific” on how he would handle “transportation” and “housing” of illegal immigrants during the deportation process.

“It’s called management,” Trump said. “It’s called we have a country, and they’re here illegally.”

Trump also called for an “expedited” process to let “good” immigrants in legally while keeping out the “bad” ones.

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