Donald Trump RIPS Obama: He’s not a Leader, You Either Have It Or You Don’t (VIDEO)

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump ripped President Obama tonight in an interview with Greta Van Susteren On the Record. Trump ripped Barack Obama and his lack of leadership.

Donald Trump: ust the spirit, if you look, we have so many mistakes. We on’t have any victories anymore. We used to have victories all the time. We used to have victory after victory. We have nothing. When was the last time? On trade or war, we can’t beat ISIS. We can’t beat anybody. Iraq is a disaster. Afghanistan with the hospital, if you see what’s going on with that. Such a tragedy. Everything we do is wrong. We’re like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Greta Van Susteren: Is it ideology or personality or the fighting on Capitol Hill, what is it?

Donald Trump: Maybe it’s management. Maybe it’s lack of leadership. It’s a lot of things rolled up into one… You’re either a leader or you’re not. You either have that ability or you don’t have that ability. And we have a president who somehow, doesn’t seem to… It’s not going to happen and that’s why I’m running for president.

Via On the Record.”>On the Record:

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