DONALD TRUMP: Obama Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Israel (Video)

obama netanyahu
Obama has willfully lied about Israel during the recent uprising by Palestinian terrorists.

In September Democrats approved Barack Obama’s sham nuclear deal with Iran that gives the terrorist regime over $100 billion to wage war in the region. Israel said the deal was a historic mistake.

Tuesday night at a massive rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Donald Trump told the crowd Obama was the worst thing to ever happen to Israel.


We will support Israel 1,000% . (applause) Israel feels so left alone. And I know Bibi and a lot of my friends are from Israel and I know they feel so left out. And, so many people say, I have Jewish friends that say, “Why did I support Obama?” I think he’s the worst thing that ever happened to Israel. And we will support Israel beyond anything they’ve ever had before. Ok?

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