Donald Trump: Most House Republicans on Obama’s Side; They Should Be Working with the Freedom Caucus

Donald Trump told Face the Nation today how sad it was Republicans were not standing on principle.
Trump told John Dickerson if Republicans would all stand up for their conservative constituents, “Obama would fold.”

Transcript via Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: John Boehner, after he announced that he was resigning, said that there were false prophets in the Republican Party.

And I’m quoting. He said: “These false prophets are whipping people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know are never going to happen.”


He’s kind of talking about you.

TRUMP: I don’t think so. But, first of all, I know. I like him on a personal basis. But I do think they should be tougher.

But here’s the problem. When he says false prophets, you cannot win when you have a group of 25 or 30 percent on this side, and you have a group of 70 percent on this side saying, we’re never going along with the 30 percenters who want more. That’s what is happening.

And every time I watch it, I say, it’s so sad, because if they were really unified and they took that 30 percent stance, assuming they wanted to really make changes and do it right, and cut the budget, cut the deficit, do things that they should be doing, if they took that group, and if everybody was unified, Obama would fold.

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