DONALD TRUMP is Going to Host Saturday Night Live And Liberals Are Absolutely TERRIFIED

Republican front runner Donald Trump is set to host Saturday Night Live on November 7th and liberals are already freaking out. There are two reasons for this.

First, Saturday Night Live is an unabashedly liberal show and always has been. Their audience expects the programming to make Democrats look smart and Republicans look dumb. It’s a tradition that goes back to Chevy Chase’s unflattering impressions of Gerald Ford.

Second, liberals know what a powerful political tool Saturday Night Live is and they don’t want it shared with Donald Trump, or any other Republican for that matter.


In typical progressive fashion, the left is pressuring the network to keep Trump off the show.

Deadline Hollywood reports:

NBC Urged To Drop Donald Trump As ‘SNL’ Host By Latino Groups & MoveOn

A coalition of Latino groups and liberal online activist platform are calling for NBC to disinvite GOP Presidential candicate Donald Trump from hosting Saturday Night Live on November 7.’s petition has climbed from 15,000 signatures Friday evening to just over 103,000 and counting as of late afternoon Saturday.

After the candidate disparaged immigrants crossing the border into the U.S. from Mexico as murderers and rapists, many Latino groups welcomed NBC cutting its ties to Trump on the Miss Universe Pageant and The Apprentice. But after the network’s announcement this week that Trump would host SNL, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda wrote NBC Universal CEO Stephen Burke and SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels that “we are appalled … and ask that you rescind the SNL invitation.”

Even CNN, which has moderated two of the first three presidential debates, published this article:

Don’t put Donald Trump on ‘SNL’

This week it was reported that Donald Trump would guest-host “SNL” on November 7. The same Donald Trump who defamed millions of Latinos with his anti-immigrant comments has been offered a comedy satire platform that would de facto laugh away his bigoted comments.

Many Latinos thought that when NBCU said it was severing its ties with Trump over the Miss Universe Pageant and the “Apprentice” that it meant cutting all ties with him. But apparently Trump is too much of a potential ratings bonanza for “SNL” to pass up, particularly since the show’s ratings have suffered in recent years.

The left can dress their protests any way they want. The main reason they don’t want Trump on Saturday Night Live is because they know the show has a significant impact on how politicians are perceived.

George W. Bush couldn’t be reached for comment.


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