Democrat Lets THE CAT OUT THE BAG on Why Hispanics Love Obamacare So Much (VIDEO)

Deadline Approaches To Signup For Health Insurance Under Affordable Care Act


Liberal federal government official Julian Castro just let the cat out the bag on why the Hispanic community loves Obamacare.

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro says “Hispanics have been among the biggest beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act” and the reason that Clinton has “strong” support in the Hispanic community is because she has a “long track record of supporting the issues that Hispanics… care about.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Thursday, Castro told guest host Peter Alexander that despite the fact Marco Rubio is running for president for the Republicans “the challenge that the Republicans have is not really about personality. They have the personality, they have the folks that will go out there and say a few words in Spanish. Their problem is the policy and that’s a very big problem for them in this cycle.”

Castro criticized the Republican candidates for “scapegoating immigrants” and being “folks who don’t support comprehensive immigration reform, don’t support a pathway to citizenship, would repeal the Affordable Care Act when Hispanics have been among the biggest beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act.”

It all makes sense now.


Image: (Fox News)

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