Liberals usually wait for Republicans to be elected before they start comparing them to Hitler. In the case of this article from they felt the need to make the comparison beforehand.

Cracked used to be middle of the road on politics but like most other things in life, it was overrun and eventually ruined by progressives.

Despite claiming to be humor site, this article is presented as serious analysis.


5 Ways Donald Trump Perfectly Mirrors Hitler’s Rise To Power

#5. He Blames A Specific Group Of Immigrants For All Our Problems (And Promises To Eliminate Them From Our Society)

Seriously, while you’ve been chuckling it up about Donald Trump’s crazy hair and stupid facial expressions, have you taken a few minutes to read his nightmare scenario of an immigration policy? It’s right there on his website for the world to see, and it is nothing short of terrifying. It kicks off with his three “core principals” of immigration reform:

Yeah, right. Donald Trump correctly pointing out that America has an illegal immigration problem is just like sending Jews to death camps, isn’t it?

The article goes on and on like this. Read the rest here if you want to.

Obama has waged a war on Christianity, used the power of government to silence his political opponents, stoked class warfare and hatred of the wealthy, undermined Jews and Israel at every turn, spied on journalists and keeps a personal kill list but according to Cracked, Donald Trump is just like Hitler.

Cracked deserves credit for one thing…

They just brought the term “low information voter” to a whole new level.


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