CNN Shortens Dem Debate: Are The Candidates TOO OLD TO STAND FOR THREE HOURS?

Next week’s Democratic Party debate has been cut by one hour, the Weekly Standard reports:

CNN Shrinks Dem Debate By One Hour

Last month, CNN hosted a Republican presidential primary debate. The main event was a 3-hour affair.

Next week, the same network will host a Democratic presidential primary debate. But this time, the debate will be one hour shorter — it’ll span only 2 hours.

Of course there’s a big difference in the number of candidates in each of the debates. The Republican debate featured 11 candidates. The Democratic debate will probably be made up of 5 candidates.

The Democrats have only 6 debates planned. Republicans have twice the number on the schedule.

Ann Althouse speculates that it’s because the candidates are too old to stand for three hours.

Sounds plausible.



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