CLASSY! Ivy League Professor Calls Dr. Ben Carson A COON

No one in America is hated more by liberals than black conservatives. Progressives are the first people to accuse others of racism but they look the other way when one of their own says something like this.

Professor Anthea Butler of the University of Pennsylvania recently referred to Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson as a coon.

Campus Reform reports:

Ivy League prof. calls Ben Carson a ‘coon’

University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler called Presidential Candidate Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property.

“If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…” Professor Butler tweeted in response to another tweet linking to a Sports Illustrated article in which Carson was quoted defended the right of NASCAR fans to fly Confederate flags during races.

“Swastikas are a symbol of hate for some people too … and yet they still exist in our museums and places like that,” Carson observed during the event in North Carolina with NASCAR legend Richard Petty. “If it’s a majority of people in that area who want it to fly, I certainly wouldn’t take it down,” he added, noting that NASCAR races are held on private property.

The word “coon” is an offensive term to slander Africans, deriving from the Portuguese word “barracoos,” which is a hut-like dwelling used to store slaves during auctions, according to Online Etymology.

In effect, then, Butler’s tweet insinuated that Carson is a metaphorical slave who belongs in a wooden shed.

By the way, Anthea Butler is a religious studies professor.

Ironic, huh?


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