Charles Hurt: Despite the Numerous Attempts to Take Down Donald Trump – “Teflon Don” Is Still Standing

With each failed attempt to destroy Donald Trump the liberal media, GOP elites have only made him stronger.
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Despite their best efforts, Donald Trump is still standing, still leading the polls and has morphed into a formidable candidate.
Charles Hurt at reported:

First they ignored him. Then they mocked him. Then they tried tearing him down.

With each failure to destroy Donald Trump, the political experts and establishment stooges only made him stronger. And now they don’t have a clue what to do.

Those in Washington who still think a Donald Trump presidency is preposterous or absurd have only themselves to blame for creating an environment that has made it so easy for the swashbuckling, smack-talking businessman to rise so effortlessly to the top of the heap.

It turns out that not only does the man enjoy very high energy, he also has incredible stamina. His staying power is a-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZ-ing. Mr. Trump is outlasting all of his harshest critics and is now outlasting some of the surest favorites running for the Republican nomination.

Scott Walker was the man to beat. He was a professional political expert with executive experience. He had won real political battles. And he accomplished all that without enduring the political mark of Cain: residing in Washington.

His campaign’s spectacular collapse — rivaled only by that of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry — is sure not to be the last.

Already, the jackals in the press have caught the scent of death around Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)93%
’s campaign and have begun circling and letting loose their heinous laughs.

The most alarming thing about Donald Trump for these people is that they have, literally, thrown everything they can at the man. And, yet, he is still standing, completely unbowed. In the 3½ months since he launched his campaign, his popularity has only grown with every sling and arrow.

They have accused him of rape and tarred him as a racist. They smeared him as a traitor. And, yet, Teflon Don remains undented, the toupee-less man unruffled.

In the process, Mr. Trump has accomplished something no one thought possible. Meticulously, methodically, patiently, Mr. Trump has morphed into a legitimate candidate.

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