California School Forces Student to Change American Flag Themed Shirt Claiming Design is Gang Related

California T Shirt

A student in California was forced to turn his shirt inside-out because the image on the front was based on the California state flag and filled in with the colors of the American flag.

The school claimed the image was gang related.

FOX News reports:

California student forced to remove American flag shirt deemed ‘gang related’

A 12-year-old California honors student violated his school’s dress code for wearing a patriotic T-shirt administrators claim is “gang related,” Fox 40 reported Tuesday.

Dustin Cole, a student at Yuba Gardens Intermediate school in Olivehurst, arrived home last week wearing the T-shirt his mom had bought him inside out, according to the station.

Lori Carpenter said she questioned her son, who told her he received a dress code violation for wearing the shirt, which Carpenter recently bought at Kohl’s. She said she liked the shirt’s American flag design and blue color for her son.

“He said he was ‘dress coded’ at school because the stars were gang related,” Carpenter told Fox 40.

The shirt includes a red star in the corner with the number 31, and “California” is printed underneath the American flag design, which appears in the shape of a bear. California was admitted as the 31st state in 1850.

A school official, however, said the red star on the shirt blurs the line between free speech and safety, Fox 40 reported. The star, the school said, is often associated with the Norteno gang.

This sort of madness isn’t new.

Earlier this month, a student in Oregon was told to remove his t-shirt which featured a battlefield cross.


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