Breaking: 3 DEAD, 10 Critical, After DRUNK DRIVER Adacia Chambers Plows Thru OSU Homecoming Parade

Three are dead, ten are in critical condition and 27 were airlifted to hospitals after a car crashed into the OSU homecoming parade!

It was a drunk driver!

The drunk driver was 25 year-old Adacia Chambers.
She follows Obama on Twitter.


** People were thrown 30 feet in the air like rag dolls.

NewsOn6 reported:

We’re told three people are dead and several others are hurt at the Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade Saturday. A vehicle ran into the crowd causing the deaths and multiple injuries.
The Stillwater mayor has confirmed the three fatalities. The mayor reports two people are in critical condition and 27 have been taken to the hospital. Eight helicopters in all responded to the scene.

Witnesses tell News On 6 it was terrifying as a car crashed into parade watchers at high speed. The car was not part of the parade but was on Main before crashing into the crowd at the intersection with Hall of Fame. A police motorcycle unit was also hit, according to reports.

No word yet on the driver of the car or why it crashed into the scene. Witnesses say the scene was very chaotic, with victims everywhere – men, women and children.

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