#BlackLivesMatter Movement Demands An Entire Democrat Debate DEVOTED ONLY TO THEM

Why not? As Bernie Sanders said at the first Democrat debate, black lives matter more than all lives. If one group in American society matters more than all the others, they certainly warrant getting an entire debate devoted to just them.

Right, Democrats?

Josh Feldman of Mediaite:


#BlackLivesMatter Activists Call Out DNC, Demand #BlackLivesMatter-Focused Debate

The official website for the #BlackLivesMatter movement today features a petition demanding that the Democratic National Committee organize another debate to focus on the issues they care about.

The petition calls out DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and calls for more debates in general, something she has already rejected on the grounds that there will be plenty of other forums candidates will be able to engage with the American people on.

But #BlackLivesMatter wants a debate specifically addressing their issues:

It is not enough to poll the Presidential candidates on whether or not they think “Black lives matter” or “All lives matter” – we deserve substantive responses – including and in addition to criminal justice reform, what will the presidential candidates do to ensure that Black lives matter?
We deserve substance and not rhetoric.

They charge the limited number of debates “unfairly privileges some candidates over others,” and even say their support of Democrats is “reluctantly” given because they don’t adequately address the issues they care about.

The people who run the Democratic Party are probably asking themselves one thing right now:

Or else what? You’ll vote Republican?

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