Biden Calls Republicans Homophobes for Having Same Opinion on Gay Marriage as Obama in 2008

The War on Women is so yesterday. The new hotness for Democrats is accusing Republicans of being homophobes for having the same opinion on gay marriage that Obama had up until very recently.

Time reports:

Joe Biden Pushes New LGBT Protections, Calls 2016 GOP Candidates ‘Homophobes’

Vice President Joe Biden urged gay-rights activists on Saturday evening to continue their fight for equality, lending the White House’s backing for a comprehensive anti-discrimination bill that faces an uphill, if not impossible, climb through this Congress.

At an appearance before 3,000 supporters of the Human Rights Campaign, the Vice President said most Americans already support proposed protections against housing, employment and services contained in The Equality Act. Despite the high-profile Supreme Court victory this summer that granted marriage rights to same-sex couples, Biden said, LGBT Americans still face discrimination, and the proposal could go a long way to remedy that…

“The American people are already with you. Look at the numbers,” Biden said, pointing to poll numbers that capture the public’s rapidly changing views on gay rights. “Oh, there are homophobes still left. Most of the are running for President, I think.”

Here’s Obama on gay marriage in 2008:


Here’s Hillary Clinton on gay marriage in 2004:

Obama and Hillary were too cowardly to voice their support for the issue until they believed public opinion had changed and it was politically safe to do so but Republicans are homophobes.

If it weren’t for double standards, liberals wouldn’t have any.


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