Benghazi Victim’s Uncle: “Hillary Clinton Is a Serial Liar” – Should Resign from Running for Office (VIDEO)

Michael Ingmire, uncle of Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi, went on Hannity Thursday night after the marathon Benghazi hearing with Hillary Clinton.

michael ingmire

Earlier today Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) nailed Hillary Clinton by producing documentation that Hillary Clinton told her family the truth but lied to the American public about the Benghazi attacks.

Hillary Clinton told the American people the night of the Benghazi attack that it was a reaction to a Youtube video.


Later, at 11:00 that night – she wrote her family and told them it was an Al-Qaeda attack.
She knew it was a terror attack from the start.

Michael Ingmire responded to today’s testimony.

Hillary Clinton is a serial liar. Hillary Clinton has a hard time maintaining a consistent level of truth and that was proven today and it’s been proven before… I think Hillary Clinton should really think about resigning from ever running for any office at this point. She’s incompetent.

Via Hannity:

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