Ben Carson Fires at Trump: When I’m President Maybe He Can Be an Advisor (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV on Monday to discuss his campaign.

malzberg carson

Dr. Carson told Steve Donald Trump could be an advisor in his administration.

Steve Malzberg: Is he giving himself, he said it on Meet the Press he said it on CNBC on Friday, is he giving himself an out, do you think?

Dr. Carson: No, I think he’s actually talking about some of the others who are in the race who are polling at zero percent or one percent. He’s trying to say, “Guys, come on now.”… But I think that’s a very noble thing for him to do.

Steve Malzberg: Donald Trump has said that if he wins he would offer a job for him in his cabinet or his administration. Um. he didn’t say vice president on the ticket. How do you feel about Donald Trump? Would you consider Donald Trump as a VP? And if not would you consider offering him a position of some sort in your administration?

Dr. Carson: Well, I think Donald Trump is a very talented individual. He certainly knows how to take advantage of situations. There’s no question about that. And, I believe he could bring some wisdom somewhere along the line. I think there would be room for him somewhere.

Via Newsmax TV:

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