ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN: Carl Bernstein Says Hillary Made Republicans Look Like Monkeys

carl bernstein

This is the same Carl Bernstein who helped break the Watergate scandal. He doesn’t seem very interested in political scandals anymore, now that a Democrat is at the center of the controversy.

Bernstein touted Hillary Clinton after the Benghazi hearing, saying the Republicans questioning her were “monkeys.”

Newsbusters reports:


Appearing as a guest on Friday’s New Day, CNN political analyst repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton would “make monkeys” out of the Benghazi committee members as he asserted that “she did” in fact do so. Bernstein also threw out one loaded word after another to negatively characterize the Benghazi committee as “ugly,” calling it a “travesty,” and using the words “disgraceful” and “demagoguery.”

The CNN political analyst lauded Clinton’s performance as “really impressive” and avoided using the word “lie” as he conceded that she “bends facts.” He further recounted former Bill Clinton White House advisor and CNN political analyst David Gergen’s recent assertion that, rather than lying, “she’s just careful with the truth.”

Don’t you love our unbiased media?

Image: (MRCTV)

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