After Being Stabbed, British Combat Vet Takes Knife From Chicago Muggers, Captures One for Cops

Neil McCarthy, a British military combat veteran of Afghanistan visiting Chicago’s Oak Street Beach with his American girlfriend, was confronted by three muggers Saturday night. After giving the muggers what his wallet and cellphone, McCarthy decided it was too much when one of the muggers started ‘searching’ his girlfriend after she gave up her credit cards. He attacked the mugger prompting another mugger to jump him. McCarthy put him in a headlock but the mugger stabbed him in the shoulder. McCarthy grabbed the knife by the blade and took it way from the mugger. The three muggers then fled as McCarthy wielded the knife in self-defense.

Neil McCarthy personal photo via WFLD-TV
Neil McCarthy personal photo via WFLD-TV.

But McCarthy wasn’t done with the muggers. As police arrived his girlfriend tracked his stolen cellphone with an app. It pinged to being nearby so the McCarthy dashed off to find it. He found one of the muggers, put him in a headlock and then dragged him to an arriving police car.


Two of the three alleged muggers were arraigned Monday. Noe Mondragon, 22, and Luis Salgado-Camargo, 18, are being held on $950,000 and $500,000 bail, respectively, reported the Chicago Tribune. Both men have criminal records. A third unnamed suspect is still being sought.

Luis Salgado-Camargo and Noe Mondragon WLS
Luis Salgado-Camargo, left and Noe Mondragon, right, image Chicago police via WLS-TV.

McCarthy, 27, and his girlfriend Carisa Lerner, 26, were visiting from Minneapolis where McCarthy is studying at the University of Minnesota. The muggers got his passport and student visa which he was not able to get back Saturday night. He’s hoping a good Samaritan will find and return them to him.

More details of the mugging can be read here at the Chicago Tribune.

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