ZZZzzzzzz… Bored Woman Falls Asleep Listening to Jeb Bush Speak

He… makes…. me… so… sleepy…. ZZzzzz…
sleepy jeb

A tired and bored woman was filmed falling asleep during Jeb’s campaign stop this week.
Mr. Excitement.

The Daily Caller reported:

As Donald Trump has relentlessly hammered Jeb Bush as a “low-energy” and “boring” presidential candidate, video has emerged lending evidence to the claim.

A woman sitting in the audience at a Bush campaign event on Thursday was seen sleeping, yawning, checking her watch and looking bored in general while the former Florida governor riffed on health care policy. While others in the audience were awake, many appeared unengaged and antsy during Bush’s remarks.

The scene highlights what has become a growing problem for Bush’s campaign, especially with Trump’s emergence.

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