Writer Claims All White People Are Racists BECAUSE SCIENCE!

We’ve come to the point where progressives are trying to use science to prove that all white people are racists.

A writer named Jenny Morber published this column at Quartz:

If you’re white, science says you’re probably a racist. Now what?

If you are a white person who grew up in the United States, you are very likely racist. This does not mean that you are a bad person, or that you treat people of color badly, or even that you believe, consciously, you are better than dark-skinned people. You are probably a lovely person. You probably donate to charity and bring food to sick neighbors and adopt puppies.

But from an explosion of research beginning in the 1990s, we now know that the human brain uses stereotypes without our awareness or consent. Our brains want to ascertain, as quickly as possible, whether new individuals are “safe” or “like me” or “in my tribe.” It uses stereotypes as a kind of shortcut. We are all susceptible to these judgments, and because they are so fast, a learned stereotype is very difficult to avoid.

The majority of white people who take the implicit association test (IAT) for racial bias do demonstrate biases against dark-skinned people. In a 2007 study of over 2.5 million IAT responses, University of Virginia psychology professor Brian Nosek and colleagues reported that 68% of participants demonstrated negative implicit attitudes toward black people, dark skin, and black children. A 2010 follow-up study headed by Nosek revealed that despite the US election of its first black president, little had changed.

The entire column must be read to be believed.



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