WOW==>Satan Featured In PSA Playing In Movie Theaters (VIDEO)


Nationally syndicated talk show host Glenn Beck recently stated that “Evil is rampaging” across the nation. From Satan worshipers supporting Planned Parenthood, to followers of the dark lord suing a state over abortion laws, it wouldn’t be difficult to make Glenn Beck’s case. Especially with the recent discovery that evil is once again rearing its ugly head, but this time it’s in a Public Service Announcement.

The Badger Pundit reports that a reference to Satan, aka Lucifer, appears briefly in a PSA being shown in Wisconsin movie theaters:

“On September 1, 2015, the godfather of Wisconsin conservative talk radio, Mark Belling of Milwaukee’s News/Talk 1130 WISN, broke a fascinating story, based on a tip from a listener, about a weather-emergency PSA currently running in local movie theaters containing a brief, but unmistakable, reference to Satan.

The 30-second PSA, which depicts a man receiving a tornado alert on his smartphone, shows this image (referencing Lucifer) briefly flashing on the man’s smartphone:(Image above)

A video of the controversial PSA is posted below:


Read more about who is behind the PSA at the Badger Pundit.

(Image: Badger Pundit)

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