Wow! Pro-Abortion Democrat Steals Pope’s Glass to Drink Remaining Water with Wife – Then Sprinkles on Grandkids

Pro-abortion Democrat steals pope’s glass of water to drink with his wife then sprinkles the rest on his grandkids.

Rep. Bob Brady, a Democrat, supports partial birth abortion.
bob brady

He drank the water with his wife and will sprinkle the rest on his grandkids.
The Daily Mail reported:


A congressman stole the water glass Pope Francis was drinking out of during his address at the White House on Thursday.

Representative Bob Brady, a devout Catholic and Democrat from Pennsylvania immediately made his way to the podium after Pope Francis finished speaking and grabbed the glass that was still filled with water.

He then drank the water, gave some of the water to his wife Debra, and saved the rest for his grandchildren.

Representative Brady took photos as well, and had his staff send them out to the press.

It’s a good thing this nut isn’t a Republican.
He’d never hear the end of it.

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