Will Conservative Hugh Hewitt Destroy His Career Tonight Like Megyn Kelly Did After First Debate?

Top FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly went on the attack against Donald Trump and the GOP candidates in the first Republican debate.

Kelly stunned conservatives when she played the “war on women” card out of the gate.
— Especially since she has one of the top slots in the FOX News lineup.
trump kelly

Megyn Kelly refused to apologize for her attack on Trump and in doing so lost her base of conservative viewers.

Tonight Hugh Hewitt will moderate the debate. Hewitt has made clear on several occasions his disgust for Donald Trump. Two weeks ago Hewitt demanded Trump to identify the terrorist leaders in the Middle East.

Trump called it a gotcha question from a third-rate radio announcer.

Tonight Hugh Hewitt will moderate the CNN debate.

FOX News hosts opened the flood gates of hell on the GOP candidates in order to prove a point with attack after attack in the first debate. FOX gave CNN the excuse to continue the assault on the GOP.

So will Hugh Hewitt prove himself to be impartial? Or will Hewitt destroy his career like Megyn Kelly?

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