WHY NOT $100? Liberal California City Wants to Raise Minimum Wage to $19 PER HOUR

Progressives never seem to grasp the fact that raising the minimum wage has a negative effect on job creation. Berkeley, California wants to raise their minimum wage to $19 an hour.

CBS News reports:

Are small businesses ready for a $19 minimum wage?

Polly Armstrong likes to say that she runs the only left-wing Chamber of Commerce in America.

Armstrong is the chief executive of the chamber in Berkeley, California, a city that’s been voted as the most liberal city in an already liberal-leaning state. But it’s partly because so many residents support the kind of values that are held dear by progressives — a “living wage” and worker rights, among them — that the city is currently roiled by a proposal to boost the city’s minimum wage to $19 an hour by 2020.

“Because we care about our workers, it feels good to say everyone should get a living wage,” Armstrong said. But with the $19 per hour proposal, she said, “What I hear is business owners who say, ‘This may put me out of business, but I don’t want to say publicly that I don’t want to pay my workers everything they deserve.'”

Some business owners don’t even earn that high of a wage themselves, Armstrong added. “It’s just that bottom line.”

Why stop at $19 an hour?

Why not $50 or $100? Then everyone will be rich!

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