White House Official Mocks Black Teen Activist CJ Pearson After He Is Blocked by Obama on Twitter

Jesse Lee, White House Director of Progressive Media and Online Response, took to Twitter Wednesday evening to mock thirteen-year-old Black conservative activist C.J. Pearson after the White House denied Pearson’s claim he had been blocked from viewing President Barack Obama’s Twitter account.

Jesse Lee White House Official
Jesse Lee, White House photo.

“Some top notch trolling for @Benenati44 right now, who refuses to show his long form twitter blocking policy or college transcripts.”


Lee was commenting on Assistant Press Secretary Frank Benenati’s tweet earlier Wednesday evening responding indirectly to Pearson. Benenati’s boss Press Secretary Josh Earnest retweeted Benenati’s tweet, putting the official stamp of approval on it.

“Public Service Announcement: Nobody is or has ever been blocked from the @POTUS twitter account”

cj pearson
C.J. Pearson.

Pearson has stood by his claim of being blocked by Obama, which he initially backed up with a screen shot.

Obama Blocks CJ Pearson Twitter


Pearson responded directly to Benenati on Twitter.


“Really? The screenshot begs to differ. Additional photos to come.”

“If the WH would have said, @POTUS accidentally blocked me, I could move on. But to call me a liar? Outrageous.”

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