White House Aide Who Pulled a STOLEN GUN on Her Boyfriend RESIGNS After INDICTMENT

The liberal media completely ignored this story. A White House aide named Barvetta Singletary was arrested after she pulled a stolen gun on her boyfriend who is a member of the Capitol Police.

Now that she’s been indicted, she has resigned from her White House post.

The Hill reported:


WH staffer indicted on assault charges resigns

A White House aide indicted for allegedly firing a gun at her boyfriend, a U.S. Capitol Police officer, has resigned.

Barvetta Singletary submitted her resignation effective Aug. 28, a White House representative said Wednesday. Her resignation was accepted.

Singletary is departing the West Wing three weeks after the Aug. 7 incident, in which police say she confronted her boyfriend about another woman.

During the dispute at her Maryland home, Singletary allegedly fired her boyfriend’s gun at a sofa after he refused to give her his cellphone password. No one was injured.

Singletary, 37, was indicted on assault charges Tuesday.

Do you think the media would have ignored this story if it happened in a Republican White House administration?


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