WATCH=> Trump Insults Chris Cuomo’s Ratings During Live Spot on CNN

Donald Trump went on CNN this morning to discuss his campaign and his latest comments about Carly Fiorina.

cuomo trump

After being lectured by Chris Cuomo on appropriate discourse Donald Trump blasted the liberal host.

Chris Cuomo: I’m not saying be Mr. PC. I’ not saying be Captain Gentility and let everybody beat you up. But the idea of returning a blow whenever you receive one you know that doesn’t work in any high level situation.

Donald Trump: Well, I’m a believer. Perhaps you’re not. Maybe that’s why you’re show is not doing as well as it should be.

Chris Cuomo: You see, that’s not nice. You’re attacking me for asking you a question. That’s my point.

Donald Trump: Let me tell you when Ben Carson… attacks my faith and he doesn’t even know me. I hit back.

So much for lectures, Chris.

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