WATCH: MSNBC Hack Joy Reid Battles Steve Malzberg – Defends Robber-Cop Beater Michael Brown

Hardcore leftist Joy-Ann Reid from MSNBC joined Steve Malzberg today to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement on NewsMax TV.

malzberg reid

Joy Reid defended Barack Obama and his horrendous record on race relations. Steve Malzberg let her have it.

In Trayvon Martin he was wrong because the courts beared out the George Zimmerman was innocent. To me it goes back to the campaign where he was far from a uniter when he said at a stop in Philadelphia in ’08, “If they bring a knife to the fight I bring a gun. And nobody talks about that now. And they like to talk about Republican rhetoric but he seems to get a pass on that kind of rhetoric.”

Joy Reid went on to defend Trayvon Martin.
“Americans at this stage are operating from two completely different pools of facts. And they are not agreeing on those facts and therefore for every argument is argued from two completely different facts…”
Reid obviously does not know the definition of fact.
Then Reid went on to defend Michael Brown saying he was not a thug who beat up a cop.


“No, he was not… He did not deserve to be shot. Not everyone deserves to be shot.”

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