VIDEO==>Bloody Labor Day Weekend In Chicago


Chicago is famous for several reasons: The Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago style pizza, and for being “The Windy City”. But there is one other thing Chicago is famous for, being a prime example of how Progressives policies, especially gun control, fail.

The number of murders committed during a weekend in Chicago is usually so shocking that it regularly makes news. One Chicago blogger named Vic Maggio of Maggio News decided to highlight the failed policies of Progressive gun control by personally covering the shootings which took place over the recent Labor Day weekend:

“Over a 72 hour period Citizen Journalist Vic Maggio documented the Labor Day violence through the perspective of his camera lens, the dramatic footage captured is violent and graphic to say the least, and in the video at great risk to his own personal safety he criss crosses the city in the dark of night tracking the elusive shooters roaming the streets of Chicago.”

Video below:


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