VIDEO=> Vicious Muslim Mob Beats Three Men Outside Brick Lane Mosque in London

A vicious beating was caught on video outside the Brick Lane Mosque in London this week.
sidewalk victim
One victim without a shirt was filmed being kicked while he lay on the sidewalk.

As the men are beaten, you can hear shouts of, “This is Brick Lane!” In other words, “You in the wrong hood!”

London 24 reported on the beatings.


Shocking footage posted to YouTube shows a mob ‘outside a Brick Lane mosque’ beating a man with a metal road sign and kicking another as he lies curled up, topless on the pavement.

A Reddit London user posted a link to the video with the caption “white guy beaten up on Brick Lane, outside the Mosque of all places”. One man wearing traditional Muslim dress can be seen grabbing someone wearing a hoodie and jeans, wrestling him to the ground and punching him repeatedly. He is then joined by another individual who beats the man on the floor with a large red-and-white road sign several times.

The cameraman then appears to move further down the road and film a second man lying topless by a crossing being hit and kicked by a group of men, with several others standing around watching.

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