VIDEO RELEASED of #MikeBrown Family Members Brawling Over Swag in #Ferguson Parking Lot

In August 2014 Mike Brown was shot dead in a Ferguson street by a local police officer.
mike brown store
This was after Mike Brown robbed a store, assaulted the minority business owner, beat a cop, and tried to take the police officer’s gun.

Mr. Brown’s family members began selling Mike Brown swag in the weeks after his death.

In October Michael Brown’s mother, grandmother and auntie brawled on the corner of Canfield and West Florissant over the rights to T-shirt sales. Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden reportedly assaulted and robbed grandmother Pearlie Gordon of $1,400.
mike brown tshirts
T-shirts for sale at Michael Brown’s funeral.

Leslie McSpadden reportedly beat her mother-in-law in the head while she was on the ground.

** Here is a copy of the police report.

Today two members of McSpadden’s posse were charged with assault in the beating of Mike Brown’s granny and her friends.

mike brown family

Tonight the local FOX Channel released the first video of the brawl.
You can see the Brown family beating each other in the street over the right to sell swag.

What a lovely family.

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