VIDEO=> MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Hillary Clinton TALKS LIKE A PRESIDENT

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow sure is forgiving of Hillary Clinton’s many scandals. One has to wonder if she’d be so kind if a Republican candidate was being investigated by the FBI.

From Mediaite:

Rachel Maddow Defends Hillary on Authenticity Issue: She Talks ‘Like a President’

mmediately following a rare national sit-down interview with Hillary Clinton Friday afternoon, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell brought in a panel of seven commentators to weigh in on what stood out to them in the conversation. First up: Rachel Maddow…

Paraphrasing Clinton’s point, Maddow said, “Listen, I talk like a president, I talk like somebody at the highest levels of government because I have operated at the highest levels of government. The reason I don’t rail and insult people and move people in an emotional way is because I’m speaking precisely and that should be seen as feature, not a bug.”

Here’s the video:


The hypocrisy is stunning.

Rachel Maddow spent weeks bashing Chris Christie over BridgeGate but doesn’t think Hillary’s scandals are a big deal at all.


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