VIDEO=> Karl Rove Bashes Trump After CNN Debate: “I Don’t Think He Did Well Tonight”

Karl Rove went on with Bill O’Reilly after the CNN GOP Debate at the Reagan Library.

Rove said he didn’t want to attack Trump, “But he didn’t have a very good night.”

Bill O’Reilly: Now, I’m not going to let you comment on Trump. There’s just too much bad blood between you and Trump. You guys just don’t like each other and, you know, so…

Karl Rove: So you’re going to let him just insult me in public and I can’t respond?

O’Reilly: You want to insult him? I’ll give you three minutes, go ahead.

Rove: I don’t want to insult him. But I don’t think he did well tonight.

You really couldn’t get Rove to say a nice thing about Trump if you paid him.
Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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