VIDEO=> “He’s Happy to See Me!” Fish Spawns on Obama in Alaska

While Barack Obama was playing with spawning salmon in Alaska today Chinese navy ships were spotted off the coast.
obama fish spawn

“He’s happy to see me.”

He’s no Putin.
Russia Today reported:

Frequent advice for photo shoots and movies is never to work with animals, but that didn’t stop President Barack Obama from inspecting his catch after a fishing trip in Alaska. On cue, one of the sockeye salmon spawned on him.

The moment happened during President Obama’s historic visit to Alaska, when he went fishing at Kanakanak Beach in Dillingham on Wednesday.

Decked out in a pair of orange gloves, Obama examined fish from the catch that had come in. The second salmon that he picked up suddenly began squirting towards his shoes.

Five Chinese navy ships were spotted off the Alaska coast during Obama’s visit.

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