VIDEO: Donald Trump MASTERFULLY Handles Liberal’s ‘Climate Change’ Question at Town Hall

Watch and Learn, Fellow Republicans– A Master Is at Work–

The political fallout from the man asking the ‘Muslim’ question at Donald Trump’s town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire Thursday night has dominated liberal media coverage of the campaign event.

But, another questioner elicited a response from Trump that other politicians running for president wouldn’t dare attempt.


A woman who identified herself as being with the League of Conservation Voters asked Trump about ‘climate change,’ the left’s current euphemism for ‘man-made global warmimg’ in their campaign against free-market capitalism.

Questioner: “Hi, Mr. Trump. I’m Megan. I’m a volunteer with the League of Conservation Voters and I’m here to ask you what your plan is to reduce pollution that is driving climate change and endangering public health?”

Rather than debate the liberal on the liberal’s terms, Trump turned it over to the audience, repeatedly asking them to raise their hands if they believed in (man-made) global warming.

Only a few hands are raised by people behind Trump. Trump says he doesn’t see many hands, perhaps one, raised by people in front of him.

The liberal then tried to debate Trump and he just blew her off after that and went on to other questioners.

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