VIDEO: Carson Explains Repeatedly The Threat of Islam To Jake Tapper- “Something The Rest of America Understands”

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Hat Tip RightScoop who essentially notes that Jake Tapper attempts to beat a dead horse… and then beat it some more. As Carson points out, the rest of America understands what Carson is expressing, but the media is clueless. Even though the majority of Muslims admit that Sharia supersedes the Constitution

Too funny. And amazingly after Carson explains he would not support anyone for President that advocates a theocracy (a.k.a. Tyranny), even if that individual were a Christian, then Tapper has the gall to desperately suggest that Ben Carson seems to single out Muslims. Uh, no… Tapper… it seems you (and the rest of the media) are hell-bent to single out Muslims… which is rather racist of the media… huh?


Notice someone behind the scenes forces Tapper to stop the line of questioning and Tapper doesn’t seem happy with having to cut the interview short. After all, he just needed more time to beat-the-dead-horse a little longer.

More on the brilliance of Carson and this topic at the GatewayPundit article here.

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