VIDEO=> 2,000 DEMOCRAT Staffers Were Invited to View the Planned Parenthood Videos and LESS THAN 12 SHOWED UP

Leftists have repeatedly used the lame excuse that the Planned Parenthood videos are “highly edited” as a way to dismiss them, but have they even watched them?

One conservative group tried to make sure and invited 2,000 Democrat staffers from the House and Senate to a viewing. Less than 12 showed up to watch but some showed up to protest.

Kelsey Harkness of the Daily Signal reports:

What Happened When 2,000 Democratic Staffers Were Invited to Watch Planned Parenthood Videos

Pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List invited more than 2,000 Democratic congressional staffers to a screening Thursday of the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover Planned Parenthood videos, which have triggered multiple investigations and calls to defund the organization of its taxpayer dollars.

At the screening, fewer than a dozen staffers showed up, and were outnumbered by members of the media.

Here’s the video:

Democrats don’t want to know the truth about this and they want to keep others from knowing the truth too.


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