Vatican To Freedom Loving Catholics: Sorry, We Can’t Take Up “Political Causes”

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While Pope John Paul II had no problem with pointing out the failures of collective Socialism, Pope Francis, on the other hand, can’t seem to stop promoting its ideals.

And what does the Vatican tell those Catholics who are, instead, begging the Pope to support their individual Freedom?

Uhhh…Sorry, we can’t help.


On Sunday, with less than a week before Pope Francis is set to visit, 50 Roman Catholic protesters were arrested in Cuba. Stuff News reports that the protesters, who are labeled as anti-Communist dissidents by the Cuban regime, are asking the Vatican to support the “ending of police violence against those who exercise their freedom to demonstrate in public”.

The Vatican’s answer?

Sorry, but we can’t get involved in “partisan political causes”:

“Cuban police detained about 50 people when a predominantly Roman Catholic dissident group led a march in Havana on Sunday, less than a week before Pope Francis visits the communist-ruled country.

…Ladies in White leader Berta Soler said the women planned to attend masses that Pope Francis will lead in Havana and Holguin while in Cuba from September 19-22. The Pope will also visit Santiago de Cuba.

“I would discuss with the Pope the need to stop police violence against those who exercise their freedom to demonstrate in public,” Soler said.

Cuba’s government considers the dissidents to be provocateurs who are financed by anti-communist groups in the United States as part of an effort to destabilise the government in Havana.

…”The Church should be concerned about this or any time human rights are involved,” Ferrer said after police handcuffed him, took him to a station and later dropped him off at a bus terminal. “It is their duty.”

The Church says it advocates for human rights with the government but cannot take up partisan political causes.

So it seems that while Pope Francis doesn’t mind advocating for Socialist Sustainable Development goals, or condemning the Free Market, he draws a line in the sand when it comes to supporting those who are just fighting for their freedom…against Communists.

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