UPDATE: Occupy Movement’s MOM OF THE YEAR Loses Police Brutality Lawsuit

Stacey Hessler is the Florida mom who abandoned her children to join Occupy Wall Street and eventually sued NYC for alleged police brutality.

Here’s an update on her lawsuit. She lost.

The New York Post reports:


Occupy mom who ditched family loses police brutality suit

The Florida mom who ditched her family to join the raggedy Occupy Wall Street crowd turned out to be an even bigger loser on Thursday when a jury rejected her claims that cops violently arrested her during a 2011 protest, after deliberating for just 40 minutes.

Stacey Hessler, 42, sued the city in 2013, claiming the NYPD cops dragged her around by her dreadlocks.

But city attorneys said Hessler blocked pedestrian traffic and refused to move when cops politely asked her to make way, then tried to escape when they finally moved to arrest her.

The Manhattan federal- court jury quickly returned a verdict siding with the city.

Hessler gained infamy over ditching her husband and four kids in Florida to camp out in Zuccotti Park under a tarp with a younger Brooklyn waiter.

What a sad story.

You have to feel for her children.

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