UN Climate Official: Climate Change Agreement Is Not Enough


In less than 10 days, President Obama, and members of the United Nations, will officially adopt new UN Sustainable Development goals in an effort to eradicate poverty, fight Climate Change, and to essentially transform all nations into a Socialist paradise by 2030. Combined with the fact that world leaders are then set to meet in Paris at the end of this year to decide on yet another Climate Change agreement, one might think that the Progressive wack-a-doos, who enjoy chasing windmills disguised as man-made Global Warming, have done enough to save us all from the fiery ball of death our planet is supposed to become if we don’t stop using fossil fuels (so they claim).

But according to a top UN Climate official, those agreements to fight Climate Change aren’t going to add up to a hill of beans. Well, not enough beans anyway.

The Straits Times reports that Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, claims these Climate agreements are only going to prevent a three degree increase in world temperature,instead of the needed two degrees:


“The talks in Paris, starting on Nov 30, will seek a global deal to curb warming, which scientists say needs to be limited to 2 degrees Celsius to avoid the most devastating consequences in the form of droughts and rising sea levels.

UN Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres said so far 62 nations had submitted promises, covering around 70 percent of global emissions.

The United Nations has said it will add up the pledges by the start of October and issue a report by Nov 1.

But Figueres said it was already a good “guestimate” that the pledges, known in U.N. language as INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) would equate to 3 degrees of warming compared with pre-industrial times.

Ms Figueres told reporters in Brussels she wanted it to be “pellucidly clear” that the INDCs were not the magic route to 2 degrees, set as a target by the Copenhagen Accord, from the current trajectory of 4-5 degrees.

“What the INDCs will do is mark a very substantial departure from business as usual,” she said. “Is three degrees acceptable? No.”

(Image: SMH)

While Secretary Figueres isn’t quoted as providing a solution to her perceived problem, she has stated in the past that world leaders must “make every effort” to decrease the world’s population in order to fight Climate Change.

If that Progressive, wack-a-doo solution wasn’t so terrifying, it might be funny.

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