UN Approves New T-Shirt Aimed at Brain-Washing Kids on Socialism

Guest post by Patch Adams

un t shirt

In New York City, at the end of this week, President Obama is set to officially adopt the new United Nations sustainable development plan which is designed to transform the United States into a Socialist nation by 2030. But in order to ensure this new Socialist global agenda is followed, as former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu once pointed out, it’s best to try and brainwash the young.

In that spirit, the United Nations has, for the first time ever, officially adopted a piece of clothing in an effort to advance their global agenda. New Zealand clothing maker WORLD has announced that, in cooperation with the UN, they have created a T-shirt in an effort to push forward the new UN sustainable development goals. This new piece of propaganda consists of a dark blue shirt with the word You (signifying the individual) and UN (signifying the United Nations) combined to form the word “YOUN” emblazoned on the front (pictured above), and the UN seal combined with the WORLD clothing logo and the hashtag #TheGlobalGoals on the back. While anyone can purchase this shirt, WORLD points out it’s really all about influencing the children:

“WORLD, New Zealand’s most experimental ideas brand, is thrilled to announce it is the first fashion house in the world to have designed a T-shirt for the largest and most important organisation on the planet, the UNITED NATIONS.

This historical event, the 17 Global Goals will be launched to the world on the 25th September 2015
in New York, attended by President Barack Obama, 100 world leaders and UN ambassadors.

“Since our inception in 1989, it has always been part of WORLD’s philosophy to give back, as our company has grown, so has the importance of our awareness and support for local and international charitable organisations”, states Francis Hooper.

The Global Goals are a 15 year plan, and WORLD feels humanitarian awareness needs to start young, and their T-Shirts are starting at newborn, so by the conclusion of the project, the youngest supporter now, will be 15 years old, and grown up knowing the value of being philanthropic.

During an interview WORLD founder, Denise L’Estrange Corbet, admitted that she was excited knowing that not only would her T-shirt be sold in the UN gift shop, but there was a good chance President Barack Obama might wear one this weekend at the UN event.

Ironically it would be fitting if President Obama did don the new UN shirt,considering brainwashing people to believe in Climate Change is a concept he wholeheartedly supports.

Image: WORLD

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